Front-End Developer and Web Engineer

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Hi there. My name's Richard. Lovely day, isn't it?

So, what do you do?

I produce digital solutions for brands and businesses. I work collaboratively with designers and artists to create websites, email campaigns, web apps and other digital assets.

Sort of a digital architect and carpenter, if you will. The job title changes frequently.

Interesting. Tell me more.

Well, I help plan the interface with the designers, assist with content strategy, and model the architecture and data to the managing systems.

Then, I code and produce the assets while iterating closely with the artists. Designers and copy writers act as brand guardians while I focus on usability, accessibility and performance.

Neat. Can you show me an example?

Cross-discipline teamwork yields spectacular results. Some projects are more successful and lasting than others. Here's some of my more recent personal faves:

Over at the soapbox you can read my ramblings about code, work-flow, flux and process.

Yeah, well what about stuff besides computers?

Isn't everybody working for the weekend? There's nothing like the company of good friends. Add in some fresh coffee or craft beer for best results. At least once year I escape into the woods for some camping and hiking to unplug and recharge my batteries. During the normal work week I try to make time for music and movies. Weather permitting, I enjoy bike rides and long walks in the park.

Stay awesome, let's keep in touch.

You can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn, depending on what sort of connection you're looking to make. If all else fails, drop me an email at motion.and.meaning at gmail dot com with information about any opportunities or projects you might be connected with.